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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  September 10, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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test. >> september 9th, 2013, from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is the daily show with jon stewart. (cheers and applause) >> jon: welcome to the daily show, my name is jon stewart, good show, my guest sheri fink the author of five days at memorial, five days post katrina at a hospital-- very disturbing. of course our top story the
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ongoing debate on what to do about syria. that is actually the logo for syria. (laughter) michael cera. pretty sure that's the duck from wonder pets this is sewious ♪ ♪. >> i am aware of ming ming's catch-phrase. thank you. obviously this is a difficult and complicated topic and reasonable people can reach different conclusion for completely defensible reasons, or you can watch cable television where unreasonable people reach different conclusion for insane reasons. here is a terrible argument against war. >> listen this video senator mccain of a syrian, looks like a fighter jet being shot out of the sky. listen to what they say afterwards.
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allah akbar, allah akbar! >> i have a problem helping those people out screaming that after a hit. >> you have a robb with that? >> jon: they were just scream yippie ki yay mother [bleep] like a normal person, i would be all right. here's my favorite part of the clip though, you have to watch this my favorite part is the expression on ducey mead face when senator mccain explains what that means. >> i have a problem helping those people. >> you have a problem with this? >> screaming that after a hit. >> would you have a problem with an american christian saying thank god, thank god? that's what-- that's what they're saying. come on. (laughter) look at the expression, they look like mccain just caught them masturbatting. it's just like-- (laughter) here's my impression of the fox and friends direction.
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just send out the hooters girl, i know it's not time yet. get some wings out there! (laughter) let's hear a bad pro war argument. >> this is a choice among bad options. this is the least bad option. >> we're going kill civilians. >> they're going to be killed anyway. (laughter) >> jon: look, these people are going to die, let's face facts. at least let it be from an american bomb so they can go to heaven, you know what i'm talking about? perhaps the least compelling argument for war came from house minority leader nancy pelosi. >> my five-year-old grandson, as i was leaving san francisco yesterday, he said to me, are you yes war with syria, no war with sirria. i said what do you think? >> he said i think no war. i said-- . >> jon: so i said to him what the [bleep] do you know. (laughter) you're five. you think purpose sell a
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flavor. (laughter) you sleep in a fake race car. (laughter) you're so irresponsible! having a teenager watch su safer than leaving you alone. by the way, if you like any of those will you enjoy my new double album i'm the tooth fairy, 80 minutes of things guaranteed to upset your child. you'll get, we all die alone. and of course i'm santa claus. and yes, we have a favorite child. it's not you. (laughter) kidding, of course. sure house minority leader nancy pelosi handled the innocent child's query with grace and compassion. please, miss pelosi, respond to your five-year-old grandson's question. >> but you know they've killed hundreds of children there. >> holy [bleep] you said that to a five-year-old?
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anyway, good night, sweetie. well, there's still one person we haven't heard from in the syria bombing debate. the perspective bombee, that's about to change in our new segment, what is the guy we're thinking of bombing think about us bombing him? yes, syrian president bash ar assad sat down with charl yeaux for an interview about the very subject. i will tell you what, i will write down what i think he is going to say about his bombing. >> we've been living in this for the last two years and a half, it is going to get worse with any strike of stupid war. >> oh, he's against it. i had down please bomb me. (laughter) that's so weird. for some reason t didn't come out written with the ink of the pen i'm holding. (laughter) i probably should have thought of that. but i-- didn't.
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all right, let's hear assad's arguments against bombing. >> this is the war has come to support al qaeda and the same people that kill americans in the 11th of september. >> jon: oh, don't bomb me that would help al qaeda, so. maybe we want to help [bleep]. all right, you got a pretty good point there. what about all the evidence against you? >> secretary kerry has said there's evidence that the rockets forred from a region controlled by your forces. >> that reminded me about what kerry said about the big lie that colin powell said in front of the world on satellite about the wmd in iraq before going wa, when he said this is our evidence. actually, he gets false evidence. (laughter) >> jon: you needlessly invade one country based on
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false evidence. suddenly you're bad as war. we've had a very solid war career, very solid, between 40 to 60% just few did-- justified. but all anybody wants to talk about is the most recent one of the wrong ones. it's like we're the bill buckner of superpowers now. anywhere we go in the world, everybody's like ann-thrax. ann-thrax. and that wasn't the worst part. assad even used our own system of democracy against us. >> i think it's most important part of this now is let's say the american, the polls show that the 345 jority-- majority now don't want a war anywhere, not only against syria. >> jon: what kind of balls does a ruthless dictator have to cite public opinion polls. (laughter) you know, you might want to slow down there, mr. gallup, pretty sure gassing your own people ain't hitting double
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digits either. but of course assad's oral argument fails to persuade there are always threats. >> will there be attacks against american bases in the middle east if there is an air strike. >> you should expect everything. you should expect everything. >> jon: expect everything. (laughter) it's assad, he is threatening us or pitching a new tourism slogan. (laughter) dreams are attainable. syria, expect everything. for more on the assad interview-- (applause) >> we are joined by senior middle east corr cor aasif mandvi. thanks for joining us. (cheers and applause) >> jon: let me ask you this very little revealed in this interview. assad seems to be stonewalling. >> well wa, dow expect him to say, jon. yes, charlie, i gassed my own thoit xens. >> jon: are you going after his speech impediment. he has been going after his people for two years and all you have is the lisp.
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>> that's all i got. pretty grim story. plus you no he that's not how he really talks, right. >> jon: really, he faked a lisp? why would he fake a lisp. >> he's on a charm offensive, jon. how else do you win hearts and minds when you are a lipless beady eyed tyrant who the only friends are putin and the ayatollah. >> jon: very hard. he slaps on one of them american flag wins that-- pins that works for our guys. >> he didn't say corporations are people, he gassed a villeage! okay, we're way past flag pins here. >> jon: how does going on network tv and spitting all over charlie rose help his image. >> well, instant sympathy, jon, come on. united states, you don't want to shoot a missile at someone who can can't say the letter s, all right. >> jon: you sound like that french cartoon skunk. just stop doing that, all right. >> why, because i'm working my way into your heart. >> jon: no, you're not, you're not. (applause) >> jon: you're not doing that the a all.
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okay, well look, lisp wasn't the first worst thing they tried. you tried this before with the colin powell-- and yellow pudin pop, bah. >> jon: they consider going the cosby voice. >> of course. one of the most beloved characters of all time. nobody wants to bomb dr. hu huxtable. >> jon: true. >> but he had copyright issues. >> jon: i understand. he committed atrocities. one lispy or kosby interview won't erase what everybody knows about this guy. >> not on its own. it's only one piece in his campaign to rehabilitate his murderous image. media 101, charlie rose in the morning, counts to 10 with muppets on "sesame street", then he wraps it up with this. >> jon: oh, for god's sakes, aasif, that is never-- wow, he's slully-- he's got some moves. >> he is very likable. >> jon: he really is thank you, aasif mandvi, everybody. we'll be righk.ack.
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(cheers and applause) >> jon: hey, welcome back to the show. you know, all summer long we have kept you up to date on democrats running for mayor of new york. >> danger ♪ ♪ danger ♪. >> jon: all right, one guy. kept you up on one guy. but let's get up to speed on the republican candidates.
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you got your john-- yeah jonny cats. billionaire grocery store owner and political cartoonist wet dream. what have you got there, buddy? >> david ushery asks cap catsimatidis to explain his remarks supporting stop and frisk. catsimatidis said if his own son was stop ed would ask if he had been walking funny. >> what did you mean by that that you would counsel your son or ask him about that. >> well, you know, if he had his pants half down with his underwear showing, if he had his hat turned backwards. >> jon: really? you think the police should be able to stop people that have their hats turned backwards or are showing put crack because it sounds like you support stopping and frisking everyone who has ever gone to a new york-based sporting event. (laughter) oh wait, i know what you are saying. it's like hip-hop culture, like black kids.
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you're not saying that right, because that might hurt you with the minority vote. >> all the minorities i have been to, in the last three months, they love me. i have a love factor with minorities. i have gone to every minority neighborhood, they all give me hugs. (laughter) >> jon: can i ask you a question? who initiates the hug? i want to see if it's love or politeness, perhaps. sure, yeah. (laughter) but the republican came nain new york is like dinner at rudy ghoulian's house, sooner or labor somebody brings up 9/11. >> the debate did turn back 12 years to lhota's handling of 9/11 as deputy mayor under rudy giuliani. >> you don't put 15now gallons of terasin on a high floor that caused the problem and brought down the entire building.
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it's absolutely not true. it was on the third floor f john thinks that the high floor that's his issue to deal with. (laughter) >> jon: wow. wow. exercise slam. (laughter) let me tell you something, the fold wheezy mcbreathes heavy can't get up to the third floor. by the way, i'm also pretty sure the terasin, isn't what caused the wol thing. pretty sure there was an ignition to that. it doesn't matter, look jonny cats is going to get crushed, let's face facts, this guy joe lhota is going to crush him. >> i never said i wanted to kill a cat. >> jon: okay. (laughter) now we got ourselves a contest. never said i wanted to kill cats. why would you ever have to make that statement in a debate? >> as you know, a couple
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weeks ago train service was halted for a couple of hours so two stray kittens could be rescued from the track. you candidates had different opinions about whether you would have stopped the train. so mr. lhota, i'm wondering, are you comfortable with being the anti-kitten candidate. >> what i said was it's up to the person who is running the mta to make that decision, it's not a mayorral decision. >> jon: look how serious he has to be answering the kitten question. do you want to be the anti-kitten mayor! ! (laughter) that is a pretty cold hearted stance to talk about an innocent kitten who is just trying to get to work on time. (laughter) 
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>> jon: welcome back, my guest tonight a piltser prize winning reporter, her new book is called five days at memorial life-and-death in a storm ravaged hospital. please welcome to the
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program sheri fink. (applause) thank you for joining us. the book is called five days at memorial. it involves a hospital in new orleans. >> yes. >> jon: after katrina t is perhaps the darkest book, i had to read lord. flies after this to regain my love of humanity. >> i guess you haven't read my first book about a hospital in the genocide. >> jon: is that your first book. >> yeah so this is lighter. (laughter) >> jon: can't you write about just like, i don't know a mumps outbreak. this was i kept waiting for a hero to emerge in this story at the hospital, whether it be a planner or responder or doctor. and they don't ever seem to emerge.
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>> there's no one hero and there's no one villain here. >> jon: yes. >> yes, and if i have one thing to tell people about this, is be prepared for everything to fail in a disaster. an that's why the book looks a lot at like individual decisions, what happens when everything fails. because preparedness response is all about infrastructure, organizations and individuals. and this is really like how can we be more prepared. >> jon: well, you would think like you could look at this and think oh new orleans it's so chaotic down there of course they're not prepared. the exact same thing, like no generators or all located below sea level happened in new york city during hurricane sandy down at nyu. >> what have we learned, eight years later. it's crazy. i mean i think that in new orleans they learned. hospitals are about power and water. you need to have that. and we lost that in new york. and it was crazy to see after all the lessons we should have learned from katrina, that again we're seeing babies being carried
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down darkened staircase, so yes we've got infrastructure all over this country whether it's been, you know, tornado alley, hospitals up to code, earthquake zones. you know, when i'm going to be checked into a hospital f i have something that needs to be done, i want to ask. so we need to be asking tough questions about our hospitals. we need to be asking tough questions of our government, about regulations that maybe need to be strengthened that our government has said after katrina, need to be strengthened. still haven't been released all these years later. so we have major things to learn and that's why i wrote this five day the a memorial. >> jon: if you asked, if i go into the hospital and say to them, like, so how's your generator situation. >> yes, ask them. >> jon: you can't get someone to see you let alone to discuss, can i just say, like that big guy over there, if it all goes to hell, can he carry me down the stairs. like what you would ask. >> that's what happened in this hospital, too. there was somebody who was heavyset and they decided we can't rescue him because he weighs too much. there is a lot of obese
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people in this country. we need to think about these things beforehand. but that's why maybe we need regulations. because it's hard for us to ask those questions. but we should. are your-- you're in a flood zone, are the generators in the basement? >> jon: yes that's where we keep our generators, ma'am. so like you come in and i'm having a heart attack, where are your generators, they're in the basement, you go all right, all right, well what's the weather going to be for the next two days. because i got-- it truly i is-- it's mind-boggling. and the thing that happens here that i think is so astonishing and boy, it's hard not to judge it, is so one of the doctors starts killing people. i mean if i may -- >> i mean what else is there to do. >> jon: he starts-- he starts euthanizing, he starts euthanizing people thinking like oh, this isn't going to work. >> this is the station of the lack of preparedness. is that there were descent,
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hardworking, well respected health professionals who literally felt like that was their choice. now was that the right choice? i think a lot of us would say no, there were 20 people in the end who a forensic pathologist thought received these drugs and died, 20 people, that's like in between columbine and you know, the latest shooting, mass shootings in newtown. >> jon: you live in a dark, dark place. >> so i'm saying we need preparedness. these are the stakesment but you know, they felt like at that point they were doing something merciful. >> jon: i thought it was interesting when they came out, everybody sort of, you know, it's like at the end of that disaster movie, they always climb out of the overturned ship to the sunlight. and they all were like they took like a vow to never talk about it. and to say, and nothing happened, we will never talk about this. >> thank you for saying that. it is like a code of silence because they were afraid of being a doctor ended up getting arested and accused of ended up killing the patients. i think it all comes down to in a disaster do we think
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that exceptional times are times when we-- you know, should let some of our moral values slip or is it a time when we want to hold even more tightly to our deepest moral values. and i don't think the doctors-- . >> jon: hold more tightly, oh, did i give away the ending? and that's why here is what is so good about this book, it's actually freeze dried food, you can eat it. it is a generator. i have to say, it's a wild story. and this will be a movie. this will be a movie and someone will win an oscar because they'll play like a dark, dark-- dark, this is-- you know what i would like to see brad pitt and and lean ya jolie, i would like to see really good looking people go to this dark, dark place. >> but let's learn from it. let's come out of this to the light. >> jon: yes, we should also learn froms it, but should get a really good movie out of this. and then learn from it. >> at least. >> jon: five days at memorial, on the book shelves now, sheri thank you
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